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As a trusted house of brands with national recognition and expertise in key areas of the property industry, we have the knowledge to help businesses pinpoint areas for continued improvement, providing advice to assist them throughout the diversification process.

Continually striving for innovation, we have the resources to develop customised technology to assist with various areas of business management, giving those that work with us all the tools required for success.


We offer real estate professionals and agencies who work with us the chance to gain greater brand exposure and more market share, helping them grow their sales revenue.


As experts in Strata Management, we’re actively involved in the development of strata legislation. We assist businesses to develop this service that naturally contributes to the growth of other business areas.


As experts with a strong track record of success, we enable businesses to grow their offering in this area.

This allows for expansion of the existing rent roll and a boost to profitability.


Applying our decades of experience, we give businesses working in the property industry the opportunity to diversify their offerings by expanding into the commercial field.


We provide the intellectual property and systems needed for businesses to expand their offering into this space.

We also offer the support needed to attract this type of business and create more profitability and capital value.


With industry-leading technology and processes, and a best practice approach to Facilities Management, we help businesses develop this additional revenue stream which seamlessly integrates with other key areas such as Property Management, Strata and Sales.